George Harrisongs


This website is designed to be a simple reference for all of George Harrison’s music. I thought it would be interesting to present George’s work in the order it was recorded and to show what he was working on in between albums. There is limited information about what songs were recorded when, but looking around on the Internet (The Beatles Rarity, Bootleg Zone, Wikipedia, etc.) and reading through Simon Leng’s book allowed me to at least get a good start on the project. Hopefully, as more research becomes available, I will be able to update this website with more accurate information!

The following criteria have been met by each recording listed on this site:

  • The song in the recording was written (or co-written) by George Harrison.
  • George Harrison actually appears on the recording or has a significant role as producer.
  • The recording has been released officially.
  • The recording differs significantly (beyond a simple remaster or remix) from an already listed recording.

Concerning the “best digital versions” given with each song, these are at best completely subjective and I have not yet heard every single release of each song. I wouldn't put it past me to change these from time to time to coincide with my ever-evolving tastes! Also, please forgive the bootleg quality of some of the artwork I created for the “in between” albums! is in no way affiliated with Harrisongs Ltd, Ganga Publishing, Oops Publishing, Umlaut Corporation, R.I.P. Music Ltd, Dark Horse Records, Material World Charitable Foundation, Wilbury Records, Special Rider Music, Shard End Music Inc, Gone Gater Music, T. Wilbury Limited, Are You Still Reading Inc, Genesis Publications, Warner Bros., Apple Corp, Singsong Ltd, Zapple Records, Northern Songs, EMI, Capitol Records, Parlophone, Polydor, Startling Music, Columbia Records, Big Sky Music, Chrysalis Records, RCA Records, Boardwalk Records, A&M Records, Duck Records, Reprise Records, Charisma Records, Virgin Records, Arista Records, Rhino Entertainment, Lennono Music Inc, Has Nearly Made It to the End Ltd, Interscope Records, Universal Music Enterprises, Handmade Films, Subafilms Ltd, United Artists, New Line Cinema, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, or Vista Organisation, and is most particularly at odds with Rutle Corp.